Are you an artist struck by the virus? Demonetized Youtuber?

DandyFans is safe place for content creators, influencers and their most dedicated fans. Fans can support you and receive early access or exclusive content, updates all in one place.

How Does it work?

You apply for an account, provide us information about your channels or community. After being approved you have a series of decisions to make: what kind and how many perks you plan to provide, will it be a subscription or a one time fee? Create your profile page based on that, receive your own payment link, upload any content in advance and start sharing it with your community. It is like having Patreon, Youtube and Facebook / Twitter in one closed, premium only space. One account, one access

Our Values

We intend to provide a safe, family friendly space for everybody, therefore content posted on the site is monitored and moderated. If you want to get kinky, there are plenty of other places to go.

Any ethnical, cultural or sexual background is welcome to create their own safe corner on the internet to interact with each other.

We believe in free speech, but harassment, harmful content and hate speech will not be tolerated nor anything that breaks the law.

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